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Restorations Wellness

At Restorations Wellness Center & Spa, we pride ourselves on our abilities to think outside the box. We have felt most privileged in meeting a few people who add so much to our many friends’ quality of life, and as such, we will associate with these individuals in various ways.

At this time, we are extremely proud to introduce a kind, modest, and extremely knowledgeable, intuitive reader to our facility named Lara Mathews. She is available to all for readings and consultations, and will also be doing mini-readings for all at various times, to introduce herself and her incredible abilities. Please call or email our center for more information on Lara. You can also find a link to her website in our links section.

Additionally we would like to point out a few talented artists who are kind enough to display their heartfelt arts in our facility. We will help facilitate the sale of any of these items at very fair prices, and again feel thrilled at this opportunity of introducing some of these wonderful talented works of to our new clients and other visitors.

Please come visit our Center, as we really do have quite a bit to offer.

Please visit our new website as we are introducing our new Denver Women’s “Give and Take” Clothing Exchange.  This will be held for the first time on November 14th at Cassellman’s Event Center in Lodo, and we will be giving a lot back to the community so read about this, and join our new adventure!

We have a 48 cancellation policy. We do not want to charge a fee, but may have to charge you a $25 dollar cancellation fee, unless it is an emergency situation.

Please call us as soon as you know you will not be able to make your appointment. We have to pay our staff if we cannot fill the time slot, and we would appreciate your help in keeping our prices among the lowest in the industry.